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Creating a pleasant and functional living space for you and your family is something Jotun knows is close to your heart. From now on you can have a wide selection of colours and tones delivered to your doorstep.

Jotun can see the colours in your home, and what is hidden from your eyes, and offers you the perfect match to make your vision a reality. So, what are you waiting for? Paint your walls now. Click on the picture to enlarge.

This world is full of wonder and our colors are made to enhance it. Use them to transform living spaces into living works of art. The colours are meant to inspire you to create, not dictate your creation. Make your dreams come true with Jotun – let your dreams become reality.

Jotun products are made in Denmark and are developed using the finest Danish materials. The most important materials are Jotun carbon, VOSP sealant and sealants and VOSP solvents. These are the same quality materials Danish manufacturers use when making cars, furniture, and surfboards. The colour and paint performance are equal to any international manufacturer. Color is a complex matter. Jotun is the only colour brand that is tested and certified in the Danish Council of Technical Products.

Please click here for more details about the new Catalog featuring 28 new colours, 18 stunning prints, and four 3-step (350+). Use this as a starting point for your wallpaper project, or pull a colour card and start the process from there. If you want to download a complete Listing, please click here .

To download this catalog, click here . (This is in.PDF format and will open in the latest version of Adobe Reader). Click here to download the new Jotun catalog in the same format.

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Corrigendum Jotun manufactures and supplies paints and coatings for the following markets: Residential, Shipping, Industrial, General.
Wholesale paint products to qualified customers, Jotun. Enter Jotun’s Address/Zip Code. Refer to the Jotun website for customer terms and conditions.
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27/02/2018 · Hydrox paints Inc. advises that there is a recall for the listed product number(s) because some of their products were found to contain a very low amount of lead.
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