Insydeflash Windows Bios Flash Utility VERIFIED Download

Insydeflash Windows Bios Flash Utility VERIFIED Download


Insydeflash Windows Bios Flash Utility Download

The purpose of this laptop over time is not to be able to update the BIOS. The BIOS can be updated and flash via the HP Update util. Once updated it doesn’t matter how long you have had the system running for before you attempt to flash it. A BIOS update tends to happen infrequently. If it happens during the first run of the system it can be a big bug and requires a new system before it can be flashed.

I’ve been getting a lot of strange error messages lately. On the HP BIOS update Utility (insyde-tool.exe), about 2/3 of the way through update on Mac OSX Lion, the entire system froze for about 5 minutes. Once I hit the Return key, it was back to normal, but the update failed part way through. I disabled the options for updating, and restarted HP utilities, and now it says that the update failed with: Expected ‘0x8’ as the returned data. I’m assuming this is some attempt at security, as I’d disabled the update options. I do have an Intel optical drive, and it’s working fine (I can read and write using a USB jumpdrive).

The safest way for you to upgrade your BIOS is to download the FreeDOS ISO image that is available from the HP website and then make a bootable USB drive. After downloading the BIOS you will need to download and install the BIOS Flash utility, which you can find at the following HP website:

I agree with the HP support person. The easiest method is to purchase the free Windows utility called Windows Upgrade Disc from Microsoft, it can be found here:

In the ideal world of course, there would be an official HP utility for this, but for now, it doesn’t appear that it exists. Since the HP download site appears to be down, this tutorial is designed to at least get it up and running on your Windows box.[2022latest[updated2022186


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