Instrumental Methods Of Chemical Analysis By Chatwal Pdf Free Download.rar \/\/FREE\\\\ ➞

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Instrumental Methods Of Chemical Analysis By Chatwal Pdf Free Download.rar \/\/FREE\\\\ ➞

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Instrumental Methods Of Chemical Analysis By Chatwal Pdf Free Download.rar

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Ruthless anti-piracy gang sued for ‘intent to supply counterfeit products’

As part of the Sony hacking scandal, The Pirate Bay is being sued for infringement, according to reports.

Photo credit: KATHDAD

The law firm suing The Pirate Bay for copyright infringement has filed a lawsuit against the Swedish anti-piracy crew, claiming the site broke New Zealand law by “intentionally and knowingly supplying counterfeit software from an authorized New Zealand distributor.”

According to NZZ, The Pirate Bay is allegedly one of the most high profile and notorious names on The Internet, and is used to distribute warez and pay-per-click links.

The site’s operators, Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm, are accused of violating the New Zealand Infringing Products Act, which governs counterfeit goods.

“The willful and deliberate uploading of software by The Pirate Bay infringes the copyright of ANZ New Zealand on all software products offered for sale by ANZ New Zealand and on all software products available in New Zealand,” reads the complaint.

According to the complaint, which has been filed with the Wellington District Court, The Pirate Bay is in breach of New Zealand law for violation of the copyright holder’s rights to a number of software products. In particular, the lawsuit is said to be targeting image-editing software programs such as Adobe’s Photoshop and Microsoft’s Paint, as well as other lesser-known programs such as GNU Image Manipulation Program and Linux Commander.

With the lawsuit claiming that The Pirate Bay has made it impossible for New Zealanders to share software digitally, the site and its operators are alleged to be in contempt of New Zealand law.

The complaint requests that the defendants “be punished accordingly.”

Most recently, The Pirate Bay has been targeted in Sweden by anti-piracy

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