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There are thousands of sites that are listing free software. This includes things like: games (including many of those good and bad games that come free on a console), music (music tracks, promos, discography, etc.), movies (movies, trailers, promotional stuff, etc.), and even software (cracked programs you can download, etc.). There are websites that even have serial numbers for games that are free, and you can redeem them to free full games.

Free Download Manager is a popular download manager that helps you save time and money when it comes to torrenting. The application is super simple to use but it does one thing and one thing well. Free Download Manager saves your bandwidth and allows you to pause and resume a download at your own pace. It also integrates with popular file browsers such as Explorer, Firefox and Nautilus. Free Download Manager also offers a ton of features that are seldom seen in similar applications such as a built-in CD and DVD burner and complete stats for your downloads.

Mega is a free site that allows users to download files of different types of files. It has a massive file library with over 70 million songs, albums and videos. As opposed to torrents, Mega allows users to directly upload file. The Mega file library has a very user-friendly interface as well as extra features that are rarely seen on other file sharing sites. For example, users can listen to previews and grab the songs that they like, theres also a search function for the massive file library.

Freegarena is a software website that allows users to download games for free. Freegarena currently has a database of over 4,800 games, and it updates every day. The site also offers users a forum that can be used to discuss any free game they have in their database with other users. Freegarena allows users to download games on-the-fly through the site, and the games are usually in a suitable size to be playable without any issues. Many of the games are slightly modified to allow the player to play through to the end without any stress.


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