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leggber 6b2890247e ReplyHow To Determine The Best Ad Group Results Setting up an ad group is a great way to see your results more easily. By combining different ad groups, you can determine which area of the market is producing the best results and then set up a new group to target that area. Ideally, you’ll want to have at least a few ad groups to test and compare, but even one ad group can tell you a lot about the performance of the entire campaign. Here’s how to set up and manage an ad group: Step 1: Create Your Ad Group The first step is to create an ad group. Choose this option from the dropdown menu of the campaign where you want the group to appear. The one you select will be the default, but you can click into the other options if you want to see what you have there. For our example, we’ll create a Standard Group in the USA, so that’s what we’ll start with. Click on it to add the group. Step 2: Create Your Ads To create an ad group, you’ll need to create one or more ads. As soon as your group is complete, you’ll have a Home tab that will show you all the ads that are in your group. You can drag and drop them to see how they’ll appear in your ad groups. For this example, we’ll keep them all on one spot for simplicity. Step 3: Set Your Planner After you’ve created an ad group, you’ll want to set a Planner on it. You can set them all up as a monthly plan, a weekly plan, or a daily plan. For our example, we’ll set it up as a monthly plan, so that way all the ads can be rolled out on the same day each month. We can also click on the Plus icon if we want to set up more than one plan.

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