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Name Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Rise of the Owlverlord
Publisher gabhar
Format File
Rating 4.82 / 5 ( 3398 votes )
Update (14 days ago)







• A great combo of classic platforming and RPG elements
• Change classes and evolve skills to master unique combat styles
• Wield a wide variety of combat weaponry with tactical combo attacks
• Vast, varied environments with multiple game modes
The land of Durahevil is under siege! A terrible war torn the land of Durahevil. The evil owl has taken over the kingdom and the people are dying in droves. Only a chosen few remain, and our hero Fyn the Saxon must set out on a perilous journey to the forbidden owl fortress and confront the evil. Be forewarned, this quest will not be an easy one. There are many enemies to fight, puzzles to solve, and just getting to the front door of the complex will be a daunting task.
• The main story mode takes place over 9 chapters and over 70 levels.
• When completed, unlock 3 additional unlockable game modes!
• Fight through the owl’s defenses as a Guardian in a survival game mode
• Play through all the worlds of the main game in a Light-RPG mode
• Finally, play through in endless mode where you can get higher ranks, collect more items and gain experienceQ:

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Features Key:

  • Imagine Giana and her demon
    brother Maximus returning to a magical world full of bad
    days and magical nights!
  • Twisted, twisted and more twisted Giana levels. With many
    brains on the line… or hearts, or both!
  • Steal plenty of magical loot!
  • Explore a magical world of prisons, castles, dungeons,
    palaces and more!
  • Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Rise of the Owlverlord is a
    unique Giana adventure full of magic, fun and random events!
  • Take on as many side-scrolling, dual-stick, twin stick
    racing and action packed adventures as your heart can handle!
  • The Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Rise of the Owlverlord game for
    PC takes place in a magical world full of chaos and mysteries, where if
    you’re not careful you could find yourself trapped in Giana’s Family’s
    Castle… or the Owlverlord’s dungeon!
  • A large variety of magical magical items and
    room-scraping inventory items all add to the Giana Sisters: Twisted
    Dreams – Rise of the Owlverlord adventure!


  • Expanded Family Survival: Giana has
    other siblings now!
  • Objective System – Complete a variety of objectives to unlock new
  • Twisted Dreams are stronger and slower
  • Twisted Dreams are 12cm on the front, 2cm on the back
  • Twisted Dreams mode has a softer life bar
  • Twisted Dreams play a little differently. The player has a broken arm, shattered hand, and has no stamina


Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Rise Of The Owlverlord Free Download [Mac/Win] [Latest 2022]

Giana Sisters is an action platformer where you can exploit the shortcomings of your opponents through verticality and surprise.
Three new characters (the Cute Sisters), plus a bonus character from Giana’s Twisted Dreams, each with their own unique abilities, will help you progress.
The Twisted Dreams bonus character has two additional moves available to him/her, and each character can swap into their Twisted Dreams form for a more powerful attack!
And while the Twisted Dreams bonus character gains a higher score if you die, you’ll be able to re-summon him/her right before it’s time to play again.
Why You’ll Love It:
Unique abilities
Boss fights
Replay value
“It’s a purely fun experience with plenty of replay value.”
9.0 / AMAZING – Jared-IGN
“Rise of the Owlverlord is an excellent platformer. It’s fun to play, the controls are tight, and the level design is great.”
9.5 / Editor’s Choice – Zero Tolerance Game Domain
“Rise of the Owlverlord demonstrates that the studio has a knack for creating enjoyable, challenging platforming games.”
8.0 – DarkZero
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Thank you so much for your support!





About GameDirector Studios:

GameDirector Studios was founded in 2011 with the development of the award-winning video game “Darius: The Geographer’s Tales”, which went on to become the #3 selling game of all time for the iPad. By combining the best in game design, art and music, we were able to create the most successful games in the world of strategy RPG gaming.

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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Rise Of The Owlverlord Crack Download 2022

– The King’s Royal Guards were dispatched to retrieve an item from the Orphan, but the loyal soldiers have vanished.
– Giana and her companions must travel into the Everfall, a bizarre dream realm that hinders Giana’s physical and mental abilities, to learn what happened.
– A forgotten idol’s return may hold the key to unlocking the world’s mysteries!
Gameplay: Play as Giana, the spirit and biological body of an ordinary, everyday girl. Your ordinary, everyday power is that of the sylph, which allows you to manipulate the earth and create wind-based force fields to help you with your mission.
Explore and master the Everfall, which will test your spirit and resolve, while uncovering the mysteries of the world and making “bombs” to find the King’s Stone.
[Oh, and, spoiler alert, this game is a remake of the classic DOS title Giana Sisters.]
If you like a challenge, don’t overlook this game!
Read review

User reviewsVenture Co.: Reflections of a Floating Island

A few hours ago, I purchased this short film on YouTube. An hour later, I had seen it to the end. It feels like a really long time ago when I’ve first started playing. It felt like I was a kid again for the first time.

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Isabella Caprini and Stella Martin get closer to each other.

Things have not been going well in the life of Stella. She has lost her family, her father was in prison, her mother doesn’t want to live with her, and the pirates are looking for her. She is running away from the situation


What’s new in Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Rise Of The Owlverlord:

– WiiEver since the first Giana Sisters game for the MegaDrive and PC a little over 20 years ago, Nitrome has been rediscovering the Giana Sisters series and bringing us fantastic versions of the series for consoles, mobile and PC. So, first up is the WiiWare exclusive Rise of the Owlverlord – PS3 owners get Giana Sisters Deluxe this week. Whilst Rise is by many fan’s considered to be a ‘best of’ version, as it has evolved from its sparse techs roots, we like to think it’s the favourite Nintendo platform to own fans of the series (like this site – funny eh?) Rise shines with its brash bright and arcadey style, and wide open level designs. Well, until you get to the later levels anyway, where the levels narrow and big panning an angle shots become your goal. Even though Rise is a bit rough with its physics, we love the blur that it achieves across the screen though. Ready for the Race? Giana Sisters Escape unites the elements of different games in one big game of Sonic Garden racing, while also bringing us some interesting new elements. The staging is pretty nice too, you get to run along pathways, but also jump/sprint across fences and hover/deflect/walk through the circles of a maze. I gotta say this game is pretty straight to the point on the presentation front, and you can tell it’s a bit of an acquired taste, though it’s a tolerable experience if you’ve a hearty love for Sonic. Are you ready to get your game started with Giana – giving a fairly simple but fantastic game that won’t make you want to throw the remote at the television, because instead you’ll want to pick it up and play some more… Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams’ easy-to-play, but challenging to master style is perfect for introducing new generations of retro gamers to the Giana family. With new games, and extending into existing games with style, Twisted Dreams puts the focus on the fun things you can do with your Giana sisters – instead of the more complex gameplay mechanics. We love the setting, and the graphics really make the game come alive, until you’re thinking how to complete the challenges and scores. However, the gameplay and controls are a little slow to pick up, and we’d love to see some simplification. Still, it’s an exciting new direction and with Twisted Dreams’ playful and fast-paced gameplay it’s got a lot of fun things to do.



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System Requirements For Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Rise Of The Owlverlord:

Update 1.7.4 (1.7.3):
Updated Crack files
Resolved issue of rotation problems during game play
Resolved issue with “Virtual Trainer” and No Dash option
Updated the game version
Update 1.7.3 (1.7.2):
Fixed issue of “Locked Doors” in RS1
Fixed issue of “When there is no obstacle nearby”, RC1 can be set, but RC1 no longer functions in the event of a fortification


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