Gareth Gates-What My Heart Wants To Say Full [Extra Quality] Album Zip

Gareth Gates-What My Heart Wants To Say Full [Extra Quality] Album Zip

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Gareth Gates-What My Heart Wants To Say Full Album Zip

The Evo is a very versatile pedal and only superb players that play a lot with a lot of different amps to find the right channel and pedal settings to get the best possible sound. It was a really good idea and at the same time a really bad idea for Gates to re-invent himself as a recording artist because he wasn’t really an experienced singer and his voice is so thin and fragile (think “Boomtown” by KISS), that it can’t go anywhere near Rock or Metal. He could be the singer of the next mainstream pop rock band, because his voice is quite good and is very easy to make a song. So, don’t think that it’s impossible to go a bit Metal because of the Lionheart, but I don’t think it will sound right. He’s far better be a singer in a band. My best advice is to go on a pedalboard with no amps and see how the Evolution sounds there and see what pedals I then would recommend. But remember that each amp has a unique and very unique sound.
Gareth Gates: Create a buzzing fill sound with a Fuzz Face:

Bass: Vic Firth Standard III or IV:

Lead: Boss CE-3, TC-3 or MXR Phase 90:

Finally, a good way to do live is to use a Marshall “Plexi” and a Fender Super Reverb. Try that first, maybe you’ll get it working the way you like.

Gareth Gates: Eat Salad, Eat Wagon and Grow the Wood!:

Or maybe you’ll actually want to eat Garbage and drink Vampire Juice like a regular artist instead. Bjorn


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