Function Discovery Print Provider Dll Has Stopped

Function Discovery Print Provider Dll Has Stopped



Function Discovery Print Provider Dll Has Stopped

original title: HP Printer Problems in Windows 7. Recently, my Advent computer running Windows 7 Home Edition (32-bit) stopped printing. When you start any application that uses the printer (for example, when you start Skype or MS Office), nothing happens.
It just doesn’t print anything.
I have always had problems with my printer (HP Deskjet 6540) but last year I found that the problem was gone.
I don’t know what caused it or I just got used to mine because it worked.
After the printer was turned off and restarted, it started printing a few sheets, but after that it just hung.

I had the same issue “Print Provider Dll for Feature Detection Stopped Working” with CTG 16898 Parallel Print Adapter. You mentioned that ” some of . NET libraries that you listed in your question are not loaded” (it isn’t, but I didn’t mention it). I found that this was caused by using “C:\\Windows\\Microsoft.NET\\Framework\\v3.5\\Locations\\ClientAssembly\\ClientAssembly” in my project where the code from your question was placed. I found that this scenario can be solved if you delete this “C:\\Windows\\Microsoft.NET\\Framework\\v3.5\\Locations\\ClientAssembly\\ClientAssembly”.

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