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“The biggest challenge of working on this title was creating the detailed physics of the player models,” says Lead Technical Artist, Sander. “There were hundreds of scenarios tested during the engineering process. We now tested it in the game to make sure the physics were working as they should.”

Visuals and Shots

Soccer is more than just a game of controlling the ball with the foot and passing it to your teammates. As the core values of realism and accessibility within the game remain the same, new insights have been applied to the visual, lighting and audio elements of the game.

For example, lighting is more accurately defined to reflect real life with more nuanced colors. Artificial lighting is included, and all lighting is now derived from the exterior illumination. Lighting and shadows are also more accurate and better defined to emulate the real world. This has been applied to the outfield and the pitch, and the effect is seen from day to night.

Effects of weather and time of day change the scene by day or by season.

The audio is designed to reflect the atmosphere and conditions of the match as accurately as possible. The game plays ambient sounds like firecrackers and matches sounds like a crowd, all recorded in precise fashion to make the game feel real. Vibrations from the elements and interaction of the ball are also being applied to make the ball feel heavy.

“We are trying to maintain the core player appeal and to evolve a few core areas: lighting, shot impact, gameplay, and player behaviour,” adds Audio Director, Richard Miles. “We have a strong audio team who used both Classical and contemporary music and we’ve experimented with an ambience that seems more modern, with more stadium sounds and also choosing to use more natural sounds.”


“The shot calling has been improved, too, and with all of the improved physics this time around, it’s becoming easier to see what all the fuss is about,” says FIFA Game Director, Sachin Dev. “We’ve added the ability to shoot to guide the ball. When you shoot a shot, you get an idea of where the shot will go and if it is on target.”

Players can use their new trick of raising a foot in mid-air and the ball swerving off course into another player’s feet.

“In the previous title, players could only


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Cortana Returns
    Intelligent, conversational voice assistant AI that complements your on-field and in-game experience
  • Passing Masterclass – Master the highly-addictive, one-touch passing mechanic with new passing techniques and intelligent AI-controlled defenders
  • New Classic Moments – Enjoy an authentic representation of Premier League, La Liga, and Bundesliga match-day challenges
  • Football Life – Solve and execute with hundreds of realistic simulation-enhanced drills, and learn a new way of playing FIFA
  • Unlock the Legend – Compete for the FIFA Legend status – one of the greatest moments in sports gaming – with over 250 achievements
  • Deep Match Model
    Capture the authenticity of the game by modelling the contact patterns and morphological changes of players, the ball and the environment
  • New Firing Squad Tactical AI Behavior – Shoot for a Success Score based on Skill ratings and place your shots into intelligent, all-new AI controlled spaces
  • Football Manager 2018 Soundtrack Tracklist
    Enjoy the epic soundtrack of your favourite games with new music by the artists of Sports Interactive and SEGA.
  • New Stadium Tours – Feel the atmosphere of iconic venues including Valencia’s Estadio Mestalla, the old Wembley (hello cup final) and of course, a new look Anfield
  • New Commentary With Martin Tyler and Alan Smith – High fidelity commentary with a natural sounding voice cast that blurs the lines between the game and real life
  • Customisable Player Faces and Jumpers – Show off your individual style – change hairstyle, clothing and equipment for your favourite pros and opponents, and even change the face of retired legends through your game
  • New Power Rankings – Favourite teams now earn points based on your performance in the season and develop a true sense of the balance of power
  • Retro Challenges – Unlock the greatest Challenges of the past for a true throwback gaming experience


Fifa 22 (LifeTime) Activation Code Download (April-2022)

FIFA is one of the most popular sports game series on the planet. Originally a series of arcade-style soccer games, it has evolved through several versions to become the video game industry benchmark for sports games with more than 100 million players.

FIFA is not a simulation of the real game, but an alternative approach to game development that captures the emotional connection between players and the physical game of soccer.

In FIFA, players control a squad of real international players on a journey to win the ultimate prize – the FIFA World Cup. Using FIFA video game features such as player intelligence, accurate ball physics and the latest player and team abilities, the game puts players in complete control of their team and the pitch. In addition, the all-new Create-A-Career mode, newly updated tactics, multiple online features, and the ability to play solo or with up to 99 other players make FIFA the only game on the market to incorporate every facet of real world football.

There are over 10 million copies of FIFA 19 on the market. Across all of our platforms, we have sold over 200 million copies of FIFA since we first introduced the franchise in 1994.

Behind the Scenes of FIFA 21: Gameplay

The award-winning gameplay in FIFA has been built on 25 years of experience that has driven the game forward and allowed us to achieve our goal of creating the best football video game on the market. Our team is both passionate and dedicated to delivering features and gameplay advancements that re-create the emotional experience of playing the most popular sport in the world.

In addition to the above we were also able to develop a distinctive set of new features to bring FIFA right up to date.

FIFA 21 sets the bar even higher for gameplay, with additions to ball handling, improved dribbling and more intelligent AI:


FIFA is the only football game to implement an accurate ball-bounce system which delivers intelligent, authentic-feeling ball behaviour on the pitch. The new system allows for completely realistic touches on the ball, running and dribbling. Even one perfect ball-bounce, or bounce, can completely change the outcome of a match.

Villa’s “sinking” free-kick is pulled back into the penalty area and bounces on the turf. This ball-bounce is programmed to be unlikely to travel very far, so it was a perfect chance for Villa to score.

Player Intelligence



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Build your ultimate team with a huge range of players and collect the ultimate trophies by unlocking Champions League, Europa League and Club World Cup-winning gear and trophies along the way.

Create-a-Pro – Pick your favorite player and take them step by step through the creation process, from playing position to kit, and from practice to your first game. Then compete in five game-changing tournaments, each offering its own set of unique challenges, rewards and rewards, to create the ultimate gamer.

FIFA 22 delivers new ways to play, with advanced controls that make it easier to move, shoot, and tackle. The game also introduces a revolutionary new dribble system, greater ball control in tight spaces, and improved movement. For total control over your on-field performance, cameras are integrated into the most refined gameplay ever seen in soccer.

Game Modes
Ultimate Team – Play with your friends in this solo mode that simulates authentic competition with 2-16 players per team. Progress together to compete in real tournaments and win real trophies.

Career – Choose to be a manager or a player in this solo or online mode that allows you to compete in tournaments and progress through different levels.

Create-a-Pro – Pick the skills you want to build your own Pro. If you are looking for fun or to challenge yourself with a goal of reaching a higher level, you can try your hand at the create-a-pro mode. This mode is a step by step process that will allow you to play as your favorite Pro starting with the same Pro that will be available to other players.

Dribble – In FIFA, there is more than one way to score a goal. The fundamental skill of dribbling is more critical than ever before. Develop your skills with this dribbling system that makes you more fluid, more beautiful, more powerful. With this new dribbling system, you will discover new ways to create space and move around your opponent.

The goal in FIFA 22 is not only to score goals and complete, but to move the ball forward and achieve every single goal in your path. This enables you to create game-changing opportunities that will change the way you play. The ball, of course, remains in the center circle at all times, the new dribbling system allows players to twist, change direction and use every part of their body to achieve their objectives.

Reflexes – Shoot, tackle and defend in a more responsive way thanks


What’s new:

  • Core Features Include
    • All-new Player Career Mode for the ultimate emotional and compelling look into the making of professional footballers. Play as a manager and take a step behind the scene to actively oversee and grow a realistic professional club’s environment, player development, and team dynamics. Shape your squad as you collect coveted Role Players, from legends to new breakthrough stars. A lot of depth is hidden inside this single franchise mode. Compete for trophies, earn the respect of your players, or simply unlock awesome role-playing items by creating the ultimate team from one of the game’s expansive, unique transfer-lists. Dynamic Recruiting matches and a robust trading system will provide endless career experiences.
    • New Tactile PAPER™ 2.0 Packages
      • Tactile PAPER™ 2.0 for players allows you to feel every contact the ball makes and every interaction a player makes with it.

    Tactile PAPER™ 2.0 for coaches gives you a tactical advantage. Exploring all of the new “Centres of Control” on the pitch will aid your decision-making process on how to win a game. Many play-making positions are now debatable.

    Tom Tongue, Head of Creative and Producer at EA Sports, said: “FIFA 22 is my 2nd most anticipated franchise mode and just as important as the core gameplay. This new, dedicated gameplay experience, based on genuine player data, allows us to go deep into where coaching and tactics truly come from and turn the focus on the emotional experiences that form part of player management. But at the same time we also wanted to make a game that was accessible and replicable for fans of the series and of the sports genre.”

    What will be available to play now?

    • Fifa Ultimate Team is available worldwide and will be topped off with the Fifa Ultimate Team Legends features – Ultimate Team Arena, Ultimate Team Rivals, and Ultimate Team International.
    • FIFA 22 is for the PS4 in English, with Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese 5 new languages are available, along with French, German, Italian, Spanish, and UK English.


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    FIFA (Future In-Formation) is back in FIFA 22 with the most intuitive controls in franchise history – an effort to recreate the game on the new generation of video game consoles. Development was led by Barcelona and Nike for FIFA development, and the University of Gothenburg in Sweden for the new game engine. This season’s FIFA has been built from the ground up, utilising the new Player Impact Engine. It features the full set of new player movements, stamina, reactions and more – driven by the game engine’s total control over all the movement of more than 1,000 players and 60,000 animations. Players can now be covered by more than 500 clothing items, with details like sleeves and pants, and more than 260 shape and position adjustments – enabling players to adapt to any type of opponent.

    Key Features

    60,000 animations powered by the Player Impact Engine. More than 1,000 new Player Behaviors, bringing the player’s performance on the pitch even closer to the real deal. New Elements improve the control and awareness of players. Lots of new blood, with new impact sounds and animations. Teams now in possession are covered by more clothing items. Massive improvements to goalkeepers and new Attack Conditions, including new rules for corners and offsides.

    New ‘Pitch Engine’. Deeper pitch physics that support gameplay advances, such as the new Acceleration and Deceleration of players in contact, Advanced Player Kicking and Improved Ball Velocity. The pitch is now more responsive, and players can be deeper and more in control.

    New Goalkeeper Physics. New Point-of-View for goalkeepers. Goals are bigger. A wider, more responsive and more challenging goalkeeping system. New Teamplay for penalties. Blocked shots can be brought back into play by your teammates.

    New Control Over Defenders. Teams can now cover more spaces around the pitch. Players can better read their opponents’ movements and reactions, and react more accurately – with new sound effects, Touch Sensitive Controls, Active Timing and more.

    New Attack Conditions. There are 6 new Attack Conditions – Distance, Overlap, Power, Direction, Speed and Tempo – and 6 new rules for corners and offsides. Powerful strikes can now be delivered by players without the ball, such as the Bungee goal-bound shot, the aerial shot or the corner kick. Players can still execute powerful strikes in the penalty area.


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    System Requirements For Fifa 22:

    Minimum system requirements:
    Processor: Intel Pentium III or equivalent AMD Processor
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: Graphics card capable of 1280×1024 resolution
    Hard Drive: 40GB
    OS: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista
    Recommended system requirements:
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent AMD Processors
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    OS: Windows XP SP2
    Client requirements


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