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As with other Samorost games, this one is a game that features some intense platforming action, some puzzle elements, and a lot of charm. This version of the game adds a mini-RPG/RPG elements to the mix too. But, it also has those trademark elements that we have come to expect in the Samorost series, like fish and… game costumes. You play as the main character, Samorost 1, an arrogant but adorable mouse whose goal is to defeat the mighty Serpent Empire once and for all.

Samorost 1: New Adventures features 10 levels to play through and is full of different enemies to face. The game starts off with Samorost 1 getting dragged into the game by a girl named Windy. She’s an herbalist, who lives on the edge of town in a house with a tiny butterfly garden. Unfortunately, the townsfolk are pretty cruel and they’ll do their best to stop Samorost 1 from finding out who is behind the Serpent Empire’s recent attacks. Eventually, Samorost 1 has to find out why the Empire wants to hurt him or her. As you can see, it’s a pretty interesting game. Not only can you play as a mouse (or fox) but you can also play as Windy. She has a whole other set of powers and abilities, including a trusty travel bag that allows her to travel to different parts of the map when the situation calls for it. The storyline may be short but it’s pretty fun!

As you can probably guess, Samorost 1: New Adventures is a 2D/3D game with some puzzle elements mixed in. In the story levels, there are obstacles and areas that the player must overcome and puzzle elements to solve. What’s interesting about this game is that it adds variety to the platforming portions of it. You’ll be flying through the air, you’ll be jumping over hurdles, and you’ll be all over the place. It’s very interesting to see, especially when you start to see how these areas differ from each other. You’ll also find that you’ll be solving puzzles to get to places you need to be and to unlock things. This game truly is all about the fun and whimsy that make the Samorost games so interesting to play through time and time again.

So, in Samorost 1: New Adventures, you



  • Link to video ( to explain how the game works, with instructions 
  • First part of each puzzle solved – 12


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“The pulpiest game I’ve seen come out of the Final Fantasy franchise”
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ch = self._stream.char()
if not self._readtransparent:
if ch == ”
elif ch == “\r”:
self._readtransparent = True
if ch == ‘\’:
# it’s now an escaped character
if cnt == 0:



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The City of Mistspire is stunned. The Warden of Guennareth’s city of Mistspire, Stormblade has been marked for death for his failure to capture the most vile of the Totems. The Warden of Guennareth, Stormblade is loyal to the crown and to that is his shame. Stormblade, Wil, pats the blade, a solid feeling in his hand, still hoping that his blade can be of use in the final battle that awaits him. Stormblade, Wil, put Stormblade’s recently crafted blade, Tracker’s Edge, in his scabbard on his back. Before he departs, the Warden of Guennareth gives his Dalhousis, Stormblade a letter.

In the letter, the Warden of Guennareth, Stormblade informs Stormblade that his failure to capture the most vile of the Totems will have far reaching effects on the dalhousis, the city, and all other people involved. Now that his failure is known to the King, Stormblade is to fight against his own people to ensure they do not rise up against Guennareth. If Stormblade succeeds in this, and he is victorious, then Stormblade will be spared his death. If Stormblade fails, then:

Stormblade, Wil, set off with his friend, Rova. At the entrance of the northern wall, Stormblade, Wil, aimlessly rode on an animal. Stormblade, Wil, came to a stop when a gate opened. From the gate, a person stepped outside, a young man in a heavy shirt. Stormblade, Wil, looked around. He saw doves flying and chickens foraging for food. The area was lush, the air fresh smelling. Stormblade, Wil, obeyed the stranger’s command to ride towards the city. As he approached, he saw a group of people gather around a man, who was flogged. He saw the people were shocked and upset. The man in the heavy shirt was captured by the guards. Stormblade, Wil, came closer to the crowd and saw that the man had blue eyes, which in the gray light of the city of Mistspire, is a rare sight. He was a Hazani, and from the two, who watched her, was fearful.

Stormblade, Wil, stayed by the guard, who was flogged while his two loyal guards look through letters. The guards were annoyed to have the l


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Up the creek? There’s no need to be scared, all the answers you need for life’s little puzzling riddles are right here!

This game of cryptic wordplay is for you if you:

• Don’t get enough puzzling!

• Like word games that are a little more challenging than crossword puzzles

• Like puzzles with the unique ability to give you answers in the form of video clips you can select for a hint

• Are like Alice in Wonderland and enjoy going through the looking glass

The puzzles take place in the creepy planetarium of Dr. Nitch. Solve puzzles as fast as you can and get to the exit as fast as possible, if you want to get out alive.

Try to beat your record every time you play.

There are 12 puzzle types.

Full of rewards and hidden bonuses.

The game randomly generates puzzles for you.

The 5 “Premium puzzle modes” for a price offer a good deal of premium content for a better experience.

Improve your scores by playing the “Puzzle breaker” mode, where you can win even more prizes.

Purchase & Play:

The game isn’t free, you have to pay a one time, non-refundable 15 EUR or more for the game, if you want to play the premium modes.

Further information about this purchase can be found on this site.

Thank you for being part of the journey with us.

Getting started:

To get the game started, you will have to sign in with your Google Play Games account or Facebook account.

To sign in with Google Play Games, you simply must sign in with the same Google Play Games account that you use on a Google Play Store device.

To get started:

Step 1: Sign into Google Play Games (if you haven’t already).

Step 2: Select your username (if you don’t have one, choose to create a new user).

Step 3: Select your online ID for the game and a password (if you haven’t yet created one).

Step 4: Select your account icon to download and install the game.

Step 5: Open the game’s package after installation. It will appear on your home screen.

Step 6: The game is now ready to be played.

Signing in:

To sign in:

Step 1: Open the game.


How To Crack:

  • Make sure you have not already done a full uninstall of the GH3 product.
  • Make sure everything is uninstalled!
  • Run FF.exe.
  • Before installing the GH3 products, right click on FF.exe, then click ‘run as administrator’.
  • Right click on the Default.gh3 file and select ‘Run as administrator’.
  • Select ‘Progam Files’ and browse to where you have the game files on your computer.
  • Double click on the Default.gh3 file. It will generate a setup.msi file.
  • Double click on the Setup.msi file.
  • It will show the Setup options in the top menu.
  • Click Install.
  • Restart your computer.
  • This will create the FF.exe executable.
  • Click on the FF.exe file and select ‘Run As Administrator’.
  • Create a shortcut to FF.exe on your desktop and change it to FF.exe –save-profile.
  • Run FF and login as suggested by Fantasy Grounds. You will have to delete the Startup.csv file.
  • Click on ‘Properties’, then on the ‘Shortcut’ tab, change the ‘Target’ field to:

  • C:\Games\Fantasy Grounds - Savage Worlds\cfg\Startup.csv

  • Click on the OK button.
  • Go back to the Menu and click on ‘Saves and Settings’ then click ‘Exit’.
  • You can now login as the Administrator you created in step 4.
  • In order to save your game and profile settings in case you decide to delete Fantasy Grounds 3, go to File>Export Shortcuts, and change the folder to use when you export your Shortcuts and the file name to ‘Saves and Settings’.
  • Save the file and save it with a new name under ‘Settings’ then click OK.
  • Right-Click on the shortcut you just made and click ‘Rearrange Icons’.
  • Now you have a shortcut to your FF for your Savage World games.
  • When you remove FF3 you



    System Requirements:

    Windows 7 64bit or higher
    Intel Core i3-3225U, 2.5GHz
    4GB RAM
    5GB available disk space
    HDD or SSD, between 250 MB and 1 GB
    1920×1080 monitor
    Before you begin, make sure you have Steam installed. Steam is a software platform developed by Valve Corporation for video games. The product line consists of four divisions: Source, Games, Hardware, and Video.
    Game installation is required to begin the installation process. All included games in the product are digitally distributed and


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