Elden Ring: Deluxe Edition [v 1.02 + DLC] X64 [2022]


Developed and published by FromSoftware, the legendary creator of the Dark Souls and Bloodborne series of games, the Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG.
You join the legendary Elden Ring as one of four heroes that are chosen to save the human race and spread the light. When you are separated from your party, feel free to take the fight directly to the enemy by using powerful attacks, inflict critical hits, and complete your goals thanks to the fascinating weapon and armor sets.

【*Game Features and Change Log (Updated as of June 11, 2019)*】

• The Original Design of FromSoftware:

FromSoftware, the celebrated developer of the Dark Souls and Bloodborne series of games, is developing the Elden Ring, an original fantasy action RPG.

• Powerful but Easy to Use

With a character development system that offers a wide range of possibilities, a set of powerful attacks that can be combined, and a detailed set of armor with unique designs, the Elden Ring requires a strategic use of the various elements of gameplay to become the ultimate sword and scale-wielding warrior.

• Rich Colorful Characters and a Rich World

With a scenic character design that features a variety of hero classes and weapons, the world of Elden Ring invites you to explore various ways of playing and feel the feel of the fantasy by watching the characters’ body language and actions.

• 3-D Open World

The game’s open world allows you to travel at any time to any part of the world and freely explore. You can fight the enemy as you wish, and the system supports in-depth weapon and armor customization and an array of powerful battle skills.

【*Content Details (Updated as of June 11, 2019)*】

Elden Ring will release on the PS4 in Japan on June 12, 2019. It will also release for the Microsoft Xbox One.

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Founded in 1995, FromSoftware has been developing and publishing games under its own label since 1998. Known for its unique and powerful action RPG titles, FromSoftware is ranked as the top action game developer in Japan and has a worldwide reputation for pushing the boundaries of game development. FromSoftware’s ambition is to develop and deliver unique, exhilarating titles that


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Experience the epic drama of a “100-year-old masterpiece”:

    Eludates non-linear character history

    Mystery unfolds in shades of gray: Can you or can you not?

    Delinquent Rapscallion A.D. 3310 Hisoka was a lowlife from the streets of Ielodia. However, destiny called him to the Elden Ring, and he developed his own style and archery that marked him as a dauntless warrior.

  • Exciting and easy to play:

    Action combat returns to the fantasy RPG genre with a fluidity that provides a thrilling hunting experience!

    Easy to understand, clean and elegant graphics provide a smooth user interface.

    Quicksave, backspaces, and pause are all available, and most of the controls will be familiar to any RPG veteran from older games.

    Focus on your own agency: You are in control of the outcome of your character’s story.

    Free of stat display, resource management, and complex menus, the experience of moving between battles is focused on the real action!

  • Deep, commanding role-playing:

    Sort through the myriad of possibilities the Lands Between offer. What will you choose to do?

    Choose between three main weapons with various attributes – Sword, Bow, and Arrow – and have your character customize them using multiple material and gem drops acquired throughout the game.

    All of your gear specializes in a single weapon type, and higher gear gives a higher crit range. The bow’s proficiency also increases as you level up.

    Select among the wide variety of attributes to determine the overall performance of each weapon and character to optimize your play style.

    Use an array of advanced equipment and personal skill techniques to increase attack power and to improve the upper end of the capabilities of each weapon class.

  • Create your own character from scratch:

    Interact with and customize a multitude of attractive, active, and humorous characters and decide on their personality and design!

    Make a silhouette of your character by changing their hairstyle, whether it’s long or short, and adjust their clothes; modify and change their faces, hair color, skin, eyes, and various parts; and change their hair color and eyes.

    Become a female character to engage in love scenes or become a man and enjoy similar romantic settings.

    Change many other details, such as the weight of your character and


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    Yasuhiro Wada (Yakuza series producer, CEO of Square Enix)

    “In the past, in RPG games that were fully developed, there were always multiple endings based on the choices you made, etc. (…) You can see that in Yakuza too. There was a lot of content to explore in Yakuza, and in order to make that content interesting and interesting, Yakuza 6 was made. And the same thing happened in Yakuza 0. If you had seen Yakuza 6 in my interviews, you would have been like ‘How can you add as much content as Yakuza 6 in Yakuza 0?’ and I was like ‘…I am not doing anything special. (laughs).’

    Players tend to play online more than in single-player and that’s quite natural. In order to make the online experience of Yakuza as fun as possible, we’ve thought about what kind of content to include in the online. We ask if there is something that players are asking for, and if there isn’t, we’ll make something that the players are asking for.”

    Shoda-Tanakura Masaru (Director, Developer)

    “Yakuza is a series of action-adventure games that are highly story-driven. The game world is comprised of dozens of areas, and the importance placed on the world means that the art team doesn’t just create environments to be eye-catching but creates them with their characters within. The scenery elements of the world are created with an emphasis on design that guides the player, not on being just eye-catching.

    For example, in Yokosuka, you come across an inn that has a quaint décor. The furniture is wrapped up neatly, and the lamps and curtains all evoke a warm sense of peace. Inside the room, the players are met with a character who eats slowly, with little to no change in posture or expression. The protagonist is too tired to be bothered thinking about a delicious meal, so he just hangs up his clothes and asks that the innkeeper prepare him a room.

    When you think about Yakuza in this sense, the way the game art was created bears a direct connection with what the game is about. In order to create an environment that guides the player to a natural and appropriate state, it is impossible to place various game elements indiscriminately. This goes for places, characters, etc.”



    Elden Ring Free [Latest 2022]

    Alas, your main characters are dead… but the memories of the dead will give them strength…! Experience an epic journey within the Lands Between as you rise as a Tarnished in order to seek redemption to the Elden Ring.

    Legends say the lands between the two lands of the west and east is a deadly place…

    “Ghost-like” beings wander on foot… The warlords of Jil-la-lel launch an attack…!


    11 Stages have been prepared
    Come and enjoy:
    -Story mode
    -Skirmish mode
    -Boss mode
    -Forbidden Land mode
    *Story Mode
    Story mode was created to show the detailed journey of the game. The entire world of the Lands Between is the heart of our story. Before you choose a character, you can customize it using various options, such as equipment and weapon, and enjoy the story narrated by your own characters.

    -Beaten on Goals
    -Forbidden Land
    -Boss Mode
    -Skirmish Mode
    -Cloud Goddess
    Defeat the Forbidden Land and the Cloud Goddess by leading your party to the Gate of the Gods in order to secure the blessing of the Cloud Goddess. This is the main plot of the story mode.

    *Skirmish Mode
    Skirmish mode is a particular mode in which you can fight your friends. It is great fun for sharing the joy of victory together, and is easy to access. Various maps such as Calpheon, Saint Jacob, Li-hai and Raithnest can be played at any time, and you can progress to the next map after clearing the current one.

    ※Skirmish Mode is available on PC version
    ※VAC disabled to help improve the overall experience of the game

    *Skirmish Mode is not available on Mobile version

    -Beaten on Skirmish mode
    -Boss Mode
    -Forbidden Land
    Story mode and Skirmish mode offer 8 different stages, and the Boundary is an intermediate stage. In boss mode, you can defeat 8 Trials in order to obtain access to the Forbidden Land. As the maximum level of the players rises, the accumulated number of Trials to clear increases. You can collect 1000 Trial Points by defeating the Trial Boss.

    *Boss Mode


    What’s new:


    Rise: Tarnished is a fantasy action RPG that visually demonstrates the combat system. Players can enjoy travelling with allies and overcoming deadly monsters.

    Choose a class from five types of characters: the cliche vision of an adventurer’s hero, such as the True Dragon Slayer Knight; an actor of a story, such as the Divine Trainer; or a personality that is defined by words, such as the Tragic Soldier.


    A graphic novel-styled animation, scenes with character and effects full of depth will come to life in this story. The anime-style story will keep you gripped throughout the story, even when the battles. Players will feel the presence of others and a unique asynchronous online element will keep you experiencing the story.
    (Translator’s Note) The Frantic Tears of the Cloaker is the title of the story. In true Sword Art Online fashion, each piece (a single scene) of the animation chapter, which is divided into five chapters, will tell a different story and each chapter includes a special feature or “cloaker,” unique to the chapter.


    In the midst of a game session, you will meet people to create a party for travel. You can form alliances with these people and create a party with many strength. Or, if you are working alone, you will have the option to join other players with whom you are acquainted in an asynchronous online global game. With the global game, you can have a team-up party even when you are in different places, and you can not only battle together, but communicate with and chat to your team. The mysterious and elite characters in the global game also help you grow stronger in battle.

    * More information will be provided once the official press conference approaches.


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    System Requirements:

    • OS: Windows 10 64bit, Windows 8 64bit, Windows 7 64bit
    • CPU: Intel Core i5-7500, Intel Core i7-7700, AMD Phenom X4 940
    • RAM: 8GB
    • HDD: 200 GB
    • GPU: ATI 5850
    • DirectX: Version 11.2
    System requirements may vary depending on the region/country of purchase.
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