Driver Bios Clevo M7x0s [Extra Quality]

Driver Bios Clevo M7x0s [Extra Quality]


Driver Bios Clevo M7x0s

in windows media center if i upgrade the bios from 1.02 to 1.03 there are a couple issues with it. also if i have to use linux as a primary os (which is what i have to do) then i need to use it on a usb stick and then if i want to format the sdd to use it for the bios it says i need to reformat the volume which is in a setting that is no possible due to the fact that i can not even boot to win10 at all.

i have an hp pc with an amd processor and the bios was updated from 1.02 to 1.03. i had to remove the intel ssd card from the drives on the motherboard and i needed to replace the drive with a samsung m.2 pcie card in port 2.

the version of windows on the usb stick is 1803. in contrast, there is no device in the windows device manager named “nvidia nvme pcie” and it is not an option to install nvme drivers for the samsung 970 card on the bios device manager.

i have to use linux for work and i can not format the intel ssd any longer with the drive manager since it is no longer being used. i cannot format with the program that is called “disk partition wizard” because i cannot boot windows to use it. “disks” no longer shows the intel ssd and i cannot view the intel ssd using “disk” in linux. if i use ubuntu from usb stick it will not format the drives because of a “root system doesn’t exist” message.

it seems like there is no way to do it without paying for the bios from them, which is 45$.. they just want me to pay 45$ just to get a bios update, while its free on other models i guess and then you have to send it in for a bios update

any suggestions how to get rid of this problem in the meantime?


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