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You can find a slew of Photoshop tutorials on the Internet, including many books and websites.

* **In the Photoshop User section of the Photoshop Help page,** click the _Learn More_ tab.
* **If you are downloading Photoshop to use with a Macintosh computer,** download the _Macintosh Installer_ from the link labeled _Macintosh Installer for Photoshop CS5_ on the left side of the Adobe home page at ``.

Now, it’s time to get started.

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Key features of Photoshop Elements 11:

Fast, effective editing tools

More intuitive and complete editing tools

Lightroom integration for efficient workflow

Simplified and faster layer editing

Easier masking, painting, blending and adjustment tools

More intuitive selection tools

Better organization

Full support for Adobe’s newest features such as Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), Adobe Lens Correction and Adobe Blend

Working with RAW files (PSD and TIFF, both lossless and up to 12.2 MB per image)

Fullscreen editing

Resolution up to 10 000×10 000

Provides opportunities to explore, play, experiment and create

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 is available for Mac and Windows platforms.Memes At Work.

Memes are an excellent way to reach your audience with ideas and get their attention with a humor. Considered by many as a whole new form of media communication, memes are gaining in popularity and have become an integral part of online communication. Also, they are becoming a common tool for advertisers to help achieve their marketing objectives.

Among the most successful memes are those that are completely unrelated to the product or brand, and that contribute to the brand by providing a fun factor and a sense of community.

You can find many free tools for creating, sharing and finding memes online, even more than a decade ago, when it was all done with hand-made posters on the walls and using hand-held camera.

However, if you’re looking to make your own campaigns more effective, professional tools can boost your results.

How to create a Meme

Most of the time, it’s enough to just paste the image with captions into a new post.

But how can you make sure that your message is getting through?

You can add buttons, links or even change the caption to fit the niche of your subject.

Here are some good examples from across the web of what can be done with memes:

An Indian carmaker hired $20,000 in Facebook ads to promote a video ad for its car.

It was a hilarious 30-second ad, which showcased various funny situations, while showing people reacting to a TV-like screen, where some spoke about the car.

The company says the campaign managed to reach more than 1 million people.


Mobile campaigns


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How to synchronize Views in Xamarin.Android?

I am working on an app that has a chat and a chat-window. I am currently syncing the chat on the mainActivity. The mainActivity is a contentView that contains the listView and the chat-window.
This is a snippet of my ListViewAdapter;
viewholder is the custom adapter.
public override Java.Lang.Object GetItem(int position)
return viewholder.View;

public override View GetView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent)
View view = null;

if (convertView == null)
// inflate a new layout
view = LayoutInflater.From(parent.Context).Inflate(Resource.Layout.ChatRow, parent, false);
// reload the old view
view = convertView;

viewholder.View = view;

return view;

What I want is to refresh the chat-window whenever an entry of the listView is changed. So is there a way to refresh the chat-window when the position of an item in the listView is changed?
I am using an Viewpager as my contentView. It’s contains the listView, the chatWindow and other details like 2 buttons.


For every item in your view page (i.e. of the viewPager), you have an adapter associated with it that will notify the children when a postion changed on an item.
In your first activity, your will instantiate the view pagemanger adapter for that activity, and this way, your list will be loaded each time you launch a new activity.
In your second activity, you will have to instantiate a view pagemanger adapter for that activity, and the list will be refreshed each time you change the position (i.e. click) on an item.



What’s New In?

if ( $billParts[0] eq $definitelyCalled ) {
return $definitelyCalled;
$definitelyCalled =
return $definitelyCalled;

sub calculatorWithDefinitelyCalled

my @wholeParts = @_;

my $definitelyCalled =

if ( @parts == 2 ) {
return $definitelyCalled
. “+”
. ($parts[1] * $wholeParts[0]);
else {
return $definitelyCalled
. “+”
. ($parts[1] * $wholeParts[0])
. “+”
. ($parts[2] * $wholeParts[1]);

sub isTrue
if ( $parts[0] eq ‘1’ ) {
return 1;
else {
return 0;

System Requirements:

The minimum system requirements for Dauntless are as follows:
*Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
*2 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
*2 GB hard disk space for installation
*DVD drive required to play the installation file
*Internet connection to download patch and game files
*Unsupported OS: Windows 2000
*Supported DX9 compatible video cards:
*ATI Radeon HD3470 or higher (single-slotмирам-photoshop-в-виде-сериала-тв-грайф/

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