Dead Island V.1.0.0 Trainer 👌🏿

Dead Island V.1.0.0 Trainer 👌🏿



Dead Island V.1.0.0 Trainer

dead island takes place on a desert island. since the game is survival, you can expect to encounter zombies around the map. the environment is well designed and the zombies are more of a nuisance. when you encounter a zombie, you can either attack and kill them or you can talk to them.

the latest contact information is posted in the documents section, including a list of all the current trainers in the program – email me the new list of names for the next f&e update. please send any updates on your state to your friends of the program state leader. we’ll also have an update webcast this weekend (preferably with video!) if there are any changes. feel free to update your list of contacts.

the one year anniversary of tread lightly! is sept. 1st, 2005. this is the time to decide if you want to participate the next three years in the program. the program is expected to increase its dollars and become more of a government money program, with a 20-30% (except for low volume states) match. budgeters will need to justify the money spent.

for those states that don’t want to participate in the third year, i will draft an amendment to the 2003 state fiscal years spending plan: the f&e will use the portion of the budget that the state waived as a drop dead deadline to show how they met their obligation. if they don’t show how they met it, the remaining budget will get dropped to carry over for next year, possibly creating a problem with the end of school funding next year. so there will be a strong disincentive to waive after sept. 1st.

we all know that the program ends in three years. i think it is an excellent idea for the next couple of years, as far as clarifying the state and fhwa expectations in the program. having the states from time to time participate in the program is important, as it generates real data to help us all.

whenever i get any questions about the program, including education and outreach activities, i’ll put the questions on the tread lightly! discussion group at (with moderation enabled). i think this group is a good way to bring up questions, get answers, and collaborate around questions, issues, problems, etc. please post your questions there.
we’re expecting to receive an amendment to the 2003 state fiscal year budget request that says “fy 2005 state fiscal year budget requests that contained $10 million dollars or more in matching funds, including 10% of any federal funds match, that were not turned in will be waived.” that’s the wording i’m waiting to hear from the office of budget and finance. the deadline is september 30th, and we don’t expect to get it until october 10th.
okay, in my post below i asked for people to post photos of their screens, and before anyone gets mad at me, please note that there were several people who told me that they were having trouble getting into the game. i’m happy to help you out, but i need a couple more details to do that. first, you need to provide some kind of screen shot of what you saw when the crash happened. also, if you didn’t send me an e-mail with that information, you can try the support folks and when they get back to you, i’ll try to help.
i’m just saying. if you want to defend yourself all you have to say is you did everything i said. (and i’m not exactly refering to what happened with weaponflux pistol and pulserifle i’m talking about the crash) and if i want to explain it i’m more than willing.

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