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Bass drops, saxophones, guitars, synths, lasers, space beats, and star dust—you are never sure if you’re having an intergalactic adventure or riding a roller coaster through K-Mart™. What is a Cosmic Star Experience? You’ll have to listen to find out! Cosmic Star Escape tells the tale of Hank, the HyperDuck™, and his mission to get a mysterious girl to believe in love at the mythical (and non-existent) “Void of Love”.
Based on a classic, lightning-fast wordball game, Cosmic Star Escape is a hectic, multi-course video game that will keep you entertained like never before. Test the limits of your luck by sliding, flying, tumbling, and blasting towards different star systems to help the HyperDuck™ collect star beams and get back to base.
Your Cosmic Star Experience features an original score and video game soundtrack composed by renowned artist and developer Jonathan Ge, known for his work on the classic comedy title, Day of the Tentacle.
Key Features:
Over two hours of sonic vibes
Intense arcade-like gameplay
A gorgeous presentation and sound design for a new audio experience
Beautiful retro-futuristic graphics, never looked so good
Three difficulty modes to fit every playtime
Free upgrade to the full version of Cosmic Star Escape Plus for lifelong access and new content
Dynamic updates and new content continuously added to the game
Unlock premium “hyper lite” soundtrack version
Multiplayer; Hyperspeed for up to 4 players
Upgrade the HyperDuck™ with powerups, space shields, and additional tracks
Five unlockable character skins for the HyperDuck™
Easy to learn, hard to master
Gorgeous and dynamic visual presentation
Play casually in portrait mode or fullscreen
The all-star game soundtrack; written by the acclaimed, Jonathan Ge

HyperDuck SoundWorks

Join HyperDuck, one of the most popular interactive art projects in the art community, for a special one-day workshop, hosted at Pixel Art Masters. It will be more like a mini conference than a lecture on the basics of Pixel Art, though it will still run through some of the theory and history. We will also be showing some of the work we created during the workshop, including a never-before-seen, pre-alpha prototype of the HyperDuck game. We’re very excited to hear what attendees have to say, and to provide our first learning


Features Key:

  • Support all the characters in the released game.
  • Compatible with all activities and files installed for key version.
  • Support custom soundtracks packages and customize the controls
  • Play the game with your own favorite music – maximum time restriction to play is 3 hours.
  • Play the game with your own voice, original to the character you choose.


  • Support all the characters in the released game.
  • Compatible with all activities and files installed for key version.
  • Customize the controls and sound track.
  • Play the game with your own voice, original to the character you choose.
  • Play the game with your own music – maximum time restriction to play is 3 hours.

How to Play:

  • Select the game from the list, and click “Set as Default”. Then, Enjoy!
  • If you play the game by clicking the right mouse button on the game screen, you can adjust the audio so you can play the game with high quality.
  • If you play the game by clicking the left mouse button on the game screen, you can easily control the character movement in the game.
  • Click on the character’s icon on the left menu, and you can change the character’s clothes and accessories.
  • Click on the character’s icon and you can pick between many different voice effects of the character.


Cosmic Star Heroine Official Soundtrack Crack + Free [Mac/Win] 2022 [New]

From the developers of the PC hit title Cosmic Star Heroine comes an all-new, original soundscape to immerse you in the universe of the saga. Combining elements of synth, space rock, lounge and more, Cosmic Star Heroine Official Soundtrack invites the player to experience the thrilling adventures of beautiful heroines with the help of a 60’s vintage sci-fi adventure soundtrack.
With more than 2 hours of music, you will be transported to an 80’s sci-fi adventure in a far-flung galaxy. This soundtrack is the first time that Hyperduck SoundWorks creates a soundtrack for a game, that’s been specifically designed for the game, rather than a previous work.
The music for the game Cosmic Star Heroine is styled to be both a welcoming and intoxicating soundtrack in a slick and energetic manner. With a playful and whimsical synth-heavy composition, the soundtrack will manage to both attract and delight any music fans.
Key Features:
* 11+ Full-Length Scores
* 60++ Minutes of Soundtrack
* Written and produced by Hyperduck SoundWorks, winner of IWBT Best Artist 2019 (International Video Game Band Competition)
* Inspired and designed by Hyperduck SoundWorks
* Designed for Cosmic Star Heroine
* Original Sci-Fi Sounds for CSE
* Available in FLAC/AAC and M4P formats
* Comes with detailed composer information/content
* Press release, media kits, article/reviews, and more
* Free to play when purchased on the Hyperduck Website for $7.99
Cosmic Star Heroine Soundtrack features
• 11 full-length original compositions
• 60 minutes of music
• An original, alternate version of each tune by Hyperduck
• An abridged, dynamic suite of tracks
• 60 minutes of an impressive and unique score
• Plus album art, liner notes, composer breakdown and more
Cosmic Star Heroine Soundtrack features:
• The official Cosmic Star Heroine soundtrack, written and produced by Hyperduck SoundWorks.
• Includes a 60-minute abridged, dynamic suite of tracks.
• Includes rare and unreleased versions of each tune in an original, alternate version.
• Includes album art, liner notes, composer breakdown and more.
• No DRM. No copy protection. No keys.
• Available in FLAC/AAC and M4P formats.


Cosmic Star Heroine Official Soundtrack Crack [March-2022]

Find more about this game in the video description.
Outro Theme:
‘Escape’ by, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution3.0 Unported License.
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Get ready for space with Cosmic Star Heroine!
Public Discord:
On Steam:
“Cosmic Star Heroine is a sci-fi / mechaRTS developed by Italian developer / publisher Dream Daddy.
Our goal in making this game is to create a space-age 3D mecha adventure for everyone who loves a good Science Fiction World with RPG elements.”
Follow Cosmic Star Heroine here:
Support us on Patreon:
Space is cold and hot at the same time.

published:10 Sep 2018


Cosmic Star Heroine is a Japanese, cross-platform real-time strategy title developed by IcePick and published by Idea Factory. You can expect to control a heroine, navigate 3D environments as she battles enemies in battle royale-like pairings. There’s no resource gathering, no tech tree, no starting units, only direct combat.
The game draws inspiration from titles such as Dota 2, League of Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, BloodlineChronicles, and Warframe.

published:24 Jun 2018


Cosmic Star Heroine is a mecha anime inspired by classic games such as Galaga, Crash Bandicoot, Pokemon, Dig Dug, and more. The game is set in the 31st


What’s new:

    is the soundtrack album of the video game Cosmic Star Heroine, produced by composer Yoko Shimomura. It features all the tracks from the game, except for “Heating Up!” and “Chikushō Shō” (which are both live tracks performed in the song “Partinon”), “Skyward Pegasus” (which is live track from “Crisis of Enchantment”) and “Shogun Fantasy”. The tracks are arranged and performed by the famous British band the Pet Shop Boys. For the US version, this album was re-released with the rest of the game music as the Cosmic Star Heroine: Original Soundtrack.

    The album was released on August 15, 2016, both on CD and digital download. A vinyl release was planned to follow, but it was cancelled due to “inconveniences.”

    Track listing


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    How To Crack Cosmic Star Heroine Official Soundtrack:

  • How to Install:
  • First you have to download the installers required to run this game.
  • Then you have to run 3 installers in the given path that will run the installer of the main game in the given path.
  • It will install the game through steam and when the installation finishes, you just need to run the main game in the given path and it will work fine!

Some Basic Requirements:

  • CPU: 1.6 GHz or higher, as this game requires newer games to run properly.
  • RAM: 1 GB or more, as this game requires up to 1 GB of Ram, depending upon your game specs.
  • Storage Space: 3 GB or more.
  • Graphics: More than good to play this game, not very high.

Pre Requisites:

  • Make sure to have DVD-Rom drives installed (I have given the path for more options), so that we can install this game to this drive.
  • Moreover, you have to have credit card.


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