Conquer Online 5165 Client

Conquer Online 5165 Client

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Conquer Online 5165 Client

A players skill alone will not determine how well one may do in Conquer Online. In fact, its rather difficult to find anyone who has played the game competitively. Skill should only be one of the factors you consider in selecting an MMO to play. How long you will spend playing and how involved you want to be in the game are perhaps the most important factors to consider.

MMOs are complex games that can take years of devotion to succeed and master. Of course, there are always going to be players who can put in hours, hours, and hours, but no matter how much of a seasoned player you are, you will probably experience games that take weeks, even months of progress before you manage to beat them. Even with the assistance of a Trainer, there is no way you can master Conquer Online in as little as two weeks.

Those who have made the effort to learn Conquer Onlines concepts are often very good at reading the statistics that are generated and can examine Conquer Onlines scores against others during gameplay. For example, a class that dominates in PvP will sometimes generate higher scores in PvE. Conquer Online is not a game that allows you to win by being a complete noob, but it is certainly one that rewards you for your knowledge, persistence, and ability to read the game.

It may be difficult to accept, but Conquer Online is a game that actually does teach you something. This translates into immediate help at the game level, but also translates into knowledge that can be applied to your Conquer Online life outside the game.


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