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Satisfied – Download is another decent download page. We weren’t able to find too many red flags or anything that seemed unusual. It’s fun because you can either browse through the collection at first and then download whatever you want or download the software directly. Satisfied makes it easy, convenient and free for you.

CDN Links does offer more than just cracked software downloads. It has absolutely everything you need. You can browse through the collection of cracked software, new movies, software trials and even tutorials. You can even easily browse through CDN Links and download the software you want. However, they have a red flag here or there so be careful.

Downloading cracked software has never been so easy at One of the features of the site is the Genuine Crack Downloader which automatically and efficiently finds new cracked software releases on the web and even finds versions that are not in the library. To find cracked software, just click on the Downloads tab and find what you need.

InterDrive has a very clean looking interface. There are sections for the categories of applications, music, TV, entertainment and games. There are filters for each of these categories. If you select the application category, you can easily browse through the categories that the software is distributed under. After you have chosen the category, you can browse through the list of software and click on Download to install on your PC.

Loversoft is an interesting cracked software download site. It has different sections for downloads, cracked software, apps for mobile devices, but they also have tutorials and tips on how to download cracked software.

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