Best Site for download 4U AVI MPEG Converter For Windows (2022) 💿

Abiword is a free, cross-platform word processor written in the GNOME Python programming language, it is not only available for Windows, but its available for Solaris, Mac OS X, Linux, the Nokia N800, FreeDOS, the HP nc8400 and the BeOS, and supports English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swedish. Abiword, a fast and lightweight word processor, combines the advanced functionality of a modern word processor with the fast speed of a spreadsheet program. Abiword is one of the most frequently downloaded open source applications in the GNOME repositories.

Yes, it is the king of online software download sites. It has probably the largest collection of software at one place, even more than torrent sites. Amazon is a referral link for 1433x, you can download software from here and get up to $100 in Amazon credit. So while you are downloading you get a nice discount for shopping from Amazon on the same website. 1433x is a premium paid site, I don’t know what exactly they charge the users but probably it is a small amount like you pay for downloading other software in other sites.

Though no longer a premium site, has an incredible collection of free software, games, apps and tools. The site is the most interesting because they have categorized tools and apps into various categories, where you simply need to click to get to the right category. Thus, if you are a software developer, you won’t have to waste time clicking too much through useless stuff just to get to your goal. It’s a quick, easy, and effective way to browse and download.


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