Best Dating Sites For Asian ☝

the grindr feature on okcupid is the most common. we’ve all heard of tinder, so this one is obvious. tinder is designed for people to meet in person at grindr-sponsored events. okcupid takes a lot of cues from other sites; it has lot of the bells and whistles, but also allows you to add a city, state, or postal code to your profile. to get an idea of who is on the site, just look at what people are searching for (opens in new tab). okcupid is another free dating app that i would recommend for lgbtqa+ individuals looking for a hookup site or app.

bumble has a special feature that many people don’t think about. users with more than 50 mutual friends aren’t allowed to send a photo of themselves during their first bumble. the reason for this is so that you can’t show up on your dates and be unable to sit down across the table from someone you don’t know. while you can still message up a photo through the app, it’s only recommended if you want to do more than just talk to potential dates.

looking for a dating app or website that feels more like a social network? you should definitely try hinge. it’s more ‘facebook’ than ‘tinder’ (opens in new tab). dating your friends is a lot like dating a friend; you already know a lot about someone before you ever meet them. i can’t say that i’m a big fan of this ‘best friend’ attitude, but there are plenty of other things to get into it. hinge is a perfect example of when this attitude works for you. i’ve dated a lot of people in the last five years and i can honestly say that if i had known more about anyone other than the other person’s personal habits, they would have been off the table.

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