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There are a couple of differences in Battlefield 3 that made it a little bit more fun to play. BlackOps 2 did not do so and got dull quickly. So if you play bfa 1-2-3 you can benefit from that part. But as long as you play on normal or l4d2 it will be very similar to it. So if you played battlefield 3 you will have no issues playing this game as well. In the Battlefield game you can build you own squadmates who you can customize, who also get a skin, and you can build on the map what others have build such as a bomb here or there, and at some point you might get them all right from the beginning. The game for me is far better then battlefield 2. I think they really did good with this game, and they should of make another battlefield game without any doubt.

If you are looking for a well crafted story that will take you into the thrills and spills of modern warfare, you are in the wrong place. After the third play through you will find that there is little character development in this game. EA introduced this into Battlefield 2 and Black Ops which was a step in the right direction and a real improvement on the previous game. In BF3 they have taken this just one step further and removed any character development at all. In previous games, if you were a good player or you were lucky enough to get a decent weapon you would be able to move forward and challenge the higher tier players. However, in BF3 you will find that you will need to be a very, very good player with guns to push higher than tier 11 as it’s all just a bit too easy.


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