Anson Rabinbach Human Motor Pdf Download ^NEW^

Anson Rabinbach Human Motor Pdf Download ^NEW^


Anson Rabinbach Human Motor Pdf Download

rabinbach gives us a detailed and all-encompassing vision of this change, showing how the old labor utopias lost their appeal, and how post-fordist capitalism led to the eclipse of labor utopias. he shows how marxs notions of value and surplus-value are rendered obsolete, and thus not the basis for a critique of capitalism. he brings the transformation of labor utopias into a coherent account of the history of social thought.

the book is also being translated into chinese by ji yan, and into korean by choi myeong-seob. four essays from the collection will be published in the journal of humanities and social studies (taiwan) and one in springerlink (aus).

human motor: the formation of my body by work is a cultural history that explores the link between the labor of the human body and industrial society. anson rabinbach shows how the body was imagined as an object, a tool, and a system to be managed and governed by technology in the early industrial era. rabinbach delves into various historical sources, including architectural plans, paintings, literary texts, and cartoons, to analyze the various ways in which the body was imagined during a long period of economic and political upheaval.

nadia seligman, the open university:
human motor is the only comprehensive study of the ways in which the body has been conceptualized and represented in the course of history. it illuminates the overlapping cultural and historical contexts and perspectives that have shaped our understanding of the human body. the book shares the point of view that only the body can unify and make manifest the complex social life and developments of a culture. its many historical examples make it an outstanding resource for the study of history.


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