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Main Features

Before diving into the details, it is important to understand the foundations of the Photoshop editing system. Although it has been used since the 1990s, Photoshop did not grow from the ground up; it is an offshoot of Adobe Systems’ InDesign program. InDesign had been developed by the Adobe Systems Engineering group to provide an HTML page design and layout program. As InDesign’s popularity grew, so did Photoshop’s popularity and it began to take over InDesign’s product.

To create raster images, Photoshop uses layers. These layers can contain a series of image and vector objects which are imported or cut from other applications. Photoshop’s image objects can then be masked, sorted, or grouped into folders. When these image objects are arranged in layers, it creates a raster image which can be manipulated in numerous ways without introducing extra cropping.

Photoshop’s robust, programmable features include drawing using tools, filters, color correction and adjustment tools, texture painting, masking and cloning, erasing, object selection, and much more. It has endless tools for retouching, photo manipulation, and image and vector layering.

Photoshop’s most famous and useful feature is the multi-step layers system. The layers can be arranged in a stack of up to 20 levels and can be edited independently or in groupings. A user can start at any level, manipulate only one layer, and whenever the user refreshes, the layers can be arranged in any order. This makes it easy to move the entire image between the various layers without worrying about the result of the operation.

Adobe products use RGB color space and have a 16-bit color depth. Although these settings are more demanding of computer hardware, they can produce much larger palettes, which make it possible to manipulate colors with greater precision than before.

Other Characteristics

In addition to the common set of Photoshop features, there are several other characteristics unique to the product.

Hard Disk Space

One of the most convenient features of Photoshop is its requirement for a hard drive for storing images. It has an enormous storage capacity, especially when compared to the digital photographs that many people keep on a regular digital camera.

However, the hard disk space required for Photoshop’s thousands of layers and options can quickly reach a size beyond that of a regular hard drive. Unless you have an external hard drive or a digital video recorder (DVR) for storing digital video, Photoshop will become

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2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is part of the Creative Cloud subscription program. It is the simplest way to edit images that you make on your mobile device. It works with iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch), Android and Windows mobile devices. It is $1.49 USD/month.

A version of this app is available for free in the Windows Store, but you will not be able to edit RAW files (no CorelDraw or Mac software is required to download RAW files). It also cannot work with Photoshop files (.psd).

Adobe Photoshop Express is an application that makes it easy to edit and share photos taken with your smartphone or tablet. You can edit images as you take them and you can share them to the cloud through your Adobe Creative Cloud account. This app is a great way to edit images on the go, but you will need to subscribe to the Creative Cloud to do so.

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is available to download from the iTunes store. This app allows you to adjust brightness, color, and contrast, resize, crop, rotate and blur, add fun effects, and many other basic editing functions.

This version allows you to apply only 6 effects and only up to four filters to an image. It allows you to save images in PNG format but only JPEG format for back-up. It also has a very basic image viewer. Adobe has created a tutorial for Photoshop Express, so you can see how to edit an image using the app:

3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is a professional image editing app. It was first launched in 2011. It is a complete package that works with all the different types of digital cameras. It is $8.99/month.

The PS Lightroom CC app allows you to:

create, edit, view, and share photos;

adjust, enhance, touch-up, and customize your photos;

automatically organize your photos by date or location;

upload, share, sell, or find your photos via online or offline markets

With Lightroom CC you can upgrade your prints or create additional copies of your images. You can also export or print your photos. With Lightroom CC, you can edit images as you shoot them and then mark them with tags or keywords.

With Lightroom CC, you can add, organize

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System Requirements:

Intel® Core™ i7- or i5-based PC
Windows® 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) or later
1GB of RAM (recommended)
2GB of available hard disk space
Graphics card supporting OpenGL 2.0 (Intel® HD Graphics 4000 or better)
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660 or ATI Radeon™ HD 7970 (or better)
DirectX 11
Minimum system requirements:
Intel® Core™ i5-based PC
Windows® 7 (32-bit and

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