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* **Photo** : A very basic introduction to manipulating images. You’ll find a lot of very simple effects such as color-tinting, the use of masks, or blending effects. You can even experiment with some of the most complex effects like lighting, camera effects, image adjustments, and healing.

* **Photo Restoration** : Get information on how the programs know where the image is, how they select which areas of an image to use when making a correction, and how they correct for various problems in an image.

* **Photo Effects** : Learn how to use Photoshop effects to create brand new looks to your images. (See the Photo Effects chapter of this book for more information.)

* **Photo Manipulation** : Get a good education in how Photoshop works by simply looking at more complex images and how you can take advantage of features to enhance what you can see and make the image look more professional.

* **Print and Web** : Learn how to color-correct images, enhance the image, apply special effects, resize images, and use content-aware fill or masks to clone out unwanted objects.

* **Video** : You can create and manipulate video in the program, though it’s not the same as with still images.

Pigment programs

Two programs you may consider for editing graphics are Pixelmator (see Figure 13-6) and Paint Shop Pro.

FIGURE 13-6: Pixelmator offers plenty of features in a tiny package.

Pixelmator (version 3.2) and Paint Shop Pro (PSP) work in much the same way, with the vast majority of the tools being the same: selection, pixel selection, painting, blending, and so on. Where they differ is in the sophistication of the editing and tools. Pixelmator has been specifically designed for image editing, whereas PSP has been crafted for graphics design. Both programs have powerful features and are good choices.


The Internet has a slew of tutorials galore for Photoshop, though most of them include complex images. If you need a more digestible and less-complex set of tutorials, check out the following:

• `www.adobeproject.com/guides`: From very basic to really advanced, this is a terrific place to get an overview of Photoshop and its capabilities and a rundown of the most common tasks performed in the program.

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This guide will show you how to use Photoshop Elements to edit photos, download free stock images, and create new memes.

Table of Contents

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12.3 is the latest version of Photoshop Elements that you can download for free. It is significantly smaller and easier to navigate than the 12.2 version, but it still retains many of the great features of Photoshop.

Photoshop Elements is usually installed on Windows 7 or higher, and even if you are on Windows XP, you will be able to use it. The free version of Photoshop Elements is offered as a single download on the website: adobefine.com.

To use Photoshop Elements, you will need a computer with an internet connection. It is also available on the app store.

If you have a computer or mobile device you already own, you can just install the software and you are ready to start editing your photos, downloading free stock images, making memes, or both.

This guide will take you through how to use the basic Photoshop Elements editing tools to edit photos and make simple memes. For more complex tasks, you will need to use more advanced features.

Adobe Photoshop Elements does not have all of the professional features of Photoshop so you won’t be able to edit professional-level photos. However, it does include many professional features that most people use.

Step 1: Opening a New Photo

To open a new photo in Photoshop Elements, open the Photos tab, click New, and click Open. Photoshop Elements will open a new photo of your choosing. It will automatically start with the original photo selected as the first layer in the new image.

You can create new images by clicking New, and then click any of the preset templates that are available. You can also choose a photo from your library, or you can click the New button to start with a blank image.

Step 2: Cutting Out Clipped Areas

Clipping the edges of a photo will make it easier to crop the image later.

To cut out the edge of an image, use the Select tool to select the edges of the image.

On the tool bar, click Edit > Refine Edge > Smart Sharpen.

Choose a small Radius value like 4 pixels.

Repeat this process multiple times until the edge of the image is well defined.

Step 3: Organizing Layers

You can open the Layers panel and add more

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The capital, which has seen a violent crime wave in recent years, has begun to see a steady drop in homicides. From Oct. 1 through July 7 this year, including fatal shootings, there have been 27 homicides in the city, compared with 39 during the same period last year, according to an analysis by the Chicago Sun-Times.

The clearance rate for murder, which officials say has hit a 10-year high, is also up 5.5 percent over the same time period last year, according to data from the Chicago Police Department.

“I was a little surprised,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said of the uptick in homicides. “I don’t want to get too excited about it because of all the other bad news we have, but it was certainly good news. It’s a good sign that we’re getting more tip-offs to the cops.”

Lightfoot emphasized that more people are being shot and killed, and that police are being sent to more of them.

“But there are just as many that are coming in, for whatever reason, that are not ending up with someone dying,” she said.

The 15 homicides this year alone that already have been attributed to the Halloween shooting in South Shore have occurred in or near the Englewood and Woodlawn neighborhoods.

Police have said the 27 homicides in the city this year were from nine different gang-related factions. Twenty-one of the victims were from the main gangs — the Chano gang in the West Englewood neighborhood, the Gangster Disciples in the West Side, the Latin Kings in the South Side, the Vice Lords in the Southwest Side, the Gangster Disciples in the Southwest Side, the Insane Deuces in the East Side, the Black Disciples in the Far South Side, the Vice Lords in the West Side and the Warlords in the South Side.

The last time there were so many gang-related killings in a single year was in 2006, when police shot a record 55 people in 28 days, killing 49 of them.

During that Halloween weekend, one person was killed in a shooting Friday night and another died the following night.

Meanwhile, this year’s homicide clearance rate and a little-known shooting on June 22 that also claimed the life of a young man will be among key metrics used by some city officials to draw comparisons with previous years.


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. The next day they were arrested when they had a shootout with the police. They were sentenced to 15 years in a maximum security prison.

Glen’s arrest also sparked international outrage.

What did this achieve?

“We’ve put the ball in their court,” says Wayne Yapp, a campaigner for the NSPCC. “Canada hasn’t so much as said they’ll prosecute. With the passage of time it could be well over five years before the case is heard and they have to bear in mind the time they’ve been in jail.”

A Canadian lawyer has told Radio 4’s Witness programme that Ottawa might have an acceptable legal case to try those involved in the plane hijacking – but the Americans might have strong counter-arguments.

The Canadians

The two Canadians arrested over the hijacking are Jeffrey Ramcooie and Kenneth Emslie.

Mr Ramcooie is a mechanic and flight instructor who was arrested at his home in British Columbia and has pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy and being a member of an unlawful assembly.

Kenneth Emslie is a wheat farmer who was arrested in his home town of Saskatoon and has made no comment.

The Americans

The two Americans arrested over the hijacking were Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, and Omar Abdul-Rahman, a radical Muslim preacher.

They’ve been convicted of plotting to blow up a transatlantic jetliner in mid-flight. The pair are currently serving their sentences in US prison.

Meanwhile, Suleiman Abdullah Salim is now awaiting trial. Despite a number of attempts to extradite him to the US, he remains in Britain.

The Canadian government’s offer of a visa to Mr Reid is seen by some people as a way of buying him off.

What has been his reaction?

“I wonder what impact today’s decisions will have on freedom of travel and international security,” he tells the BBC World Service, adding that he feared that it could encourage people to try and travel internationally.

It’s a view echoed by Mr Yapp.

“You can’t arrest people for getting on a plane. I understand there’s a degree of panic – you have to account for people who are going overseas and come back as completely changed people.”

Mr Reid and Mr Abdul-Rahman are due to be released from prison in October 2003.

Suleiman Abdullah Salim is still awaiting extradition to

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